The Dark Sky Center

The center has an observatory and much more heavenly.

Astro Cave

The public space of the observatory is quite an astro cave. It is a living and changing orgamism. There’s a wide variety of starry-related, from Galilean orrery to space modeling, navigation, and sci-fi.

The basic exhibition is at the “home corners” in Milkyway and Solar system. One of the themes is “firsts in space”, satellites, animals and people. And it doesn’t end there…

Astro cafe

So that your mouth doesn´t get dry, coffee and small dainties. There is also a bigger treats. We have a hostess who knows how to treat.


The old barn has been reborn as a gallery.

The theme of this year is “aurora borealis you probably haven’t seen”. -Or, are the aurora borealis illuminated by the sun, the pulsating aurora borealis, the dunes, the RAGDA and the Omega arcs familiar? All pictures were taken in Syrjävaara.


The Starwberry Field -Observatory is a window to the universe. We have both older and newer equipment.