The Star Park

The top of the hill overlooks the universe.

The Eagle Hill is a lonely hill far from the cities. 

The horizon is 3-45km away depending on the direction. From the top of the hill there are excellent views, especially to the north and west. The Milky Way shines above and The Andromeda galaxy can be seen with the naked eye. The north is an almost completely light-pollution-free direction. Even weak northern lights are visible whenever they are and the weather allows. In the northwest, the lights of Luikonlahti, Kaavi and Juankoski reflect.

There is no wasted light in the Syrjävaara area itself. 

The park is open to everyone all year round.

The park can be accessed from Polvijärventie (road 502) from the parking opposite Peltolantie.

The car park junction is marked with a sign: Tähtipuisto (Star park) The navigator address is: Peltolantie, Kaavi. A route marked with plowing signs leads from the parking to the park. The distance is a couple of hundred meters.

In winter, the car park is plowed, but the park itself is in a natural state. There is thick snow. Snowshoes have proven to be the best means of movement.

The park is at the top of the hill.

The park has two sheds, a fire place, an outhouse, two fotographing places and two observatory posts.

Paths are covered with sand.

Fires are allowed in the fire places except during the forest fire warning. There is some firewood in the sheds, but it is a good idea to have your own lighter.

Newspapers are served in outhouse in the old way, toilet paper is not stored in the open air. The most sensitive should bring their own tissue.